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Title: Poor packaging leads to this
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one is going to ship a carton of eggs. They should take pride. here what a bad quick cheap packing will get you.


steroid-bustJust recently everyone was up in arms about the british dragon steroid bust. After almost 10 years in business, the producers and sellers of anabolic steroids Ė british dragon, were finally busted. But, there in lies the problem. The steroid bust raised a ton of speculation as to why and how British Dragon was busted. From snitches to local stings, everyone had ideas. We even raised our suspicions about why british dragon steroid lab was busted. However, the bust seems to be very clearly a multi part job. Letís explain the details:

1) A package is sent by British Dragon carelessly, at least 500 vials, some broke and were intercepted by USA customs. If it was a large enough package, 1000 vials plus, a real shipping company could have been used with ties back to BD anabolics.¬ You donít buy steroids in bulk under 1000 vials it would seem, letís face it Ė 1 bodybuilder can use 10 vials in 1 cycle!¬ Steroids should be counted in 10 vials not 1 vial, 10 pills not 1 pill because of low dosage production.

2) Once the steroid package was seized, a sting operation was set up on the receiver; once the guy got the huge package, they arrested him and put the heat on him. When he was dealing with british dragon, he was probably dealing in the 1000s of vials, means that minimum payment to British Dragon steroids was at least $25,000 US Dollars, an amount probably sent by wire transfer.

3) Using the payment information, the companies in the names of the British Dragon owners were traced back to the company owners, and a sting operation was set up. They contacted local authorities and set up a sting to bust british dragon.¬ Obviously they had to put pressure for local authorities to help with anabolic steroids because local authorities where British Dragon was know steroids are LEGAL there!

4) On top of this, a recently released steroid convict (who was arrested on steroid distribution charges before) was probably the person to snitch out british dragon, confirming who they are from previous money trails.

Take a look at this steroid bust from Texas, should show you how things work:

But it was a different kind of recklessness that eventually brought Mr. Jacobs down.

A bad packing job, actually.

On March 19, 2007, the United Parcel Service intercepted a soggy package sent from Mr. Jacobsí Plano home, bound for Wichita, Kan. When officials opened the box, they found a broken glass vial of what turned out to be steroids.

Authorities arrested the man in Kansas who had ordered steroids from Mr. Jacobs, court documents say. Jamie Mongeau, an amateur bodybuilder, told investigators that Mr. Jacobs was his supplier.